Trim Video With An Android

The Samsung Infuse 4G Android phone is shown off by Tim Baxter.

Android mobile devices can record and playback video, but sometimes the video clip needs a bit of editing first. Apps are available that allow video clips to be trimmed on the device so that you can then send or upload the edited video. Video trimming apps that are available on the Android platform include Vid Trim, Snip Video Trimmer and V-Cut Express. Download the video trimming app from the Android Market right to your device.


1. Open the application launcher on your Android device and tap on the “Market” icon. Touch the magnifying glass and then type “Video Trimmer” into the search box. Press “Enter” and then select the video trimming app you want from the search results. If there is a cost of the app it will be listed to the right of the app name. Touch the “Download” button on the screen and then tap “Accept and Download” to start installing the app. When it’s done installing tap “Open.”

2. Tap the video that you want to trim when VidTrim opens. Touch the “Trim” icon with the scissors. Touch and drag the left handle to where you want the video to start. Touch and drag the right handle to where you want to video to end. You will see a preview of the last frame on the screen. When you’ve got it set the way you want touch the scissor icon in the upper right. Choose if you will save over the original video or save a new video file.

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3. Select the video that you want to trim in Snip Vid. Tap the “Set Start” button in the upper right. Drag the slider on to the start position you want. Tap “Set End” and repeat for the end of the video. When you’re happy touch the “Trim” button. Once the video is trimmed you can save it over the original or you can save it as a new video file preserving the original.

4. Tap the “From Gallery” icon in V-Cut Express to choose the source of the video. Touch the video you want to trim. Touch and drag the scissors on the right to set the end point, move the scissors on the left to set the starting point. You can also use the time buttons to jump the scissor forward or backward by a set amount of time. For example, to move the end point forward by 10 seconds, tap the “+10s” button on the right side of the screen. Touch the check box in the upper right to save the video when you’re done trimming.