Trim An Mpg File

A digital video that’s encoded with either the MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 compression standard is distributed with the MPG file extension. In addition to being opened and streamed through a media player, MPG files can be modified in video editing applications. QuickTime Pro, MPEG Streamclip and Avidemux are all video editing applications that can be used to trim MPG files. Although they’re released by different software developers, they share the same basic functionality when it comes to trimming video.


1. Download and install the video editing application you’re planning on using.

2. Launch the video editing application. Create a new file for the editing project. Set up a saving location and name the file. Click “Save.”

3. Import the MPG file into the video editing application. The MPG file will load on a clip time line; a playhead and in and out markers will appear. The playhead can be moved to scan the video, while the in and out markers can be moved to section off a part of the video.

4. Set the in and out markers around the part of the video that needs to be erased. Select the “Delete” command. This footage will be trimmed from the video.

5. Save changes to the project. Export the edited MPG file in its native format to a desired location.

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