Trim An Flv File

An acronym for Flash video, FLV is a digital video format. All FLV files are encoded especially to stream through the Adobe Flash Player. If users wish to trim their FLV files, they can simply load the media into a video editor. While video editing applications may differ in terms of their origin and compatibility, they all employ a similar workflow when it comes to modifying media.


1. Download and install a video editor. Choose a program that is supported by your operating system.

2. Convert the FLV file into a format that is supported by the video editor. Skip this step if the application supports the FLV format.

3. Launch the video editor. Create a new file for the editing project. Select a storage location and enter a file name.

4. Import the video into the video editor. The file’s footage will load on a clip timeline. A play head and in and out points will appear. The play head can be moved to skim footage, while the in and out points can be dragged to isolate a segment of footage.

5. Drag the in and out points around the segment of footage that needs to be deleted. Select the “Delete” command.

6. Save the project’s changes to render the edit to the video. Export the trimmed video to a desired storage location.

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