Trim An Edit In Final Cut Pro

Whether you’re a new editor learning Final Cut Pro or a seasoned editor transitioning to a new system, you’ll find the trim edit to be easy. The trim edit allows you to move either your shot or edit point frame by frame so that you don’t have to re-mark an in and out point and relay your shot. The trim mode is an editor’s dream as it’s precise and efficient.


1. Select the edit that you want to trim by double-clicking the left button on your mouse on the line that separates your two video clips within your sequence.

2. Click on the side that you want to trim. A single roller pops up on your screen to indicate that you can trim that video clip. To trim both clips at the same time, click in the middle of the two clips to get the double roller icon.

3. Press “” to move your edit frame by frame. The “” pushes your edit down your timeline.

4. Go to “User Preferences” in your drop-down menu of Final Cut Pro, find the “Editing” tab and select “Dynamic Trimming.” Once this is on, trim your edit “on the fly,” in other words, in real time.

5. Use “J” or “L” to reverse or forward your play head to the proper location in the shot.

6. Hit “K” to make your trim edit.

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