Trim A Video In Microsoft Windows Movie Maker

Included with the Microsoft Windows ME and Windows XP operating systems, Windows Movie Maker allows you to view and edit video clips. It supports the inclusion of transitions, titles, credits, sound elements, timeline narration and a host of effects. It also lets you make structural edits to video files by trimming away pieces you no longer want to see. Once you understand where to find the proper menu items, trimming a video in Windows Movie Maker becomes a quick task.


1. Open in Windows Movie Maker the video you want to trim.

2. Click on the video, hold your click, drag it over the storyboard at the bottom of the window and then release your click to add the clip to the storyboard.

3. Click the clip once to select it, and then press the “Play” button within the Preview window. The video starts to play immediately.

4. Click the “Split Clip” button within the Preview window as soon as the video reaches the point where you want it trimmed. This action slices the video into two separate clips, both of which appear in the storyboard at the bottom of the window.

5. Look to the storyboard, right-click the video clip containing the content you no longer need and then select “Delete.”

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