Trim A Flv Video For Free

Flash is the predominant format for web video and is used by websites like YouTube, GoogleVideo, MySpace, Hulu and Dailymotion. Flash videos are compressed to stream through the Adobe Flash Player and their source files are circulated with the FLV file extension. Several free video editing programs can be used to trim FLV videos. While they vary in terms of manufacturers and supported input formats, many use the same functionality and commands when it comes to trimming video.


1. Download and install a video editing program, such as RichFLV, MPEG Streamclip and Avidemux (see Resources).

2. Convert the FLV video into an input format that is supported by the video editing program. Skip this step if an FLV video can be imported into the application in its native format.

3. Launch the video editing program. Set up a new file for the editing project. Program a saving location and name the file accordingly.

4. Import the video into the video editing program. The media will load on a clip timeline, where there is a playhead and in and out markers. The playhead can be dragged to skim footage, while the in and out markers can be moved to isolate a section of footage.

5. Place in and out markers around a section of footage that needs to be erased. Select the “Delete” command.

6. Save changes to the project. Export the edited FLV video to a preferred location.

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