Trick Out My Computer To Maximize Speed For Video Editing

Tweaking your computer to maximize its performance for a single demanding task such as video editing is a good idea, as you can potentially save yourself hours of time in the aggregate compared to not having performed performance tweaks before beginning. Eliminate nearly all running processes and programs to allow your computer‘s processor and memory to focus entirely on the process of editing.


1. Click “Ctrl,” “Alt,” and “Del” at the same time. Select “Start Task Manager.”

2. Click “Applications.” Select all applications except for your video editing program and choose “End Task.”

3. Click “Start” and type “msconfig” into the “Search” box.

4. Click “Startup” and uncheck all boxes next to the programs you know you do not need at startup. This generally includes most everything except anti-virus software, firewall software and other critical security user programs. When in doubt, leave the program active.

5. Restart your computer and begin editing.

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