Transfer Videos From Mini Dv Cameras To A Pc

DV cassettes are still used occasionally.

A Mini DV camera is one that records video to a mini digital video cassette tape. Though there are plenty of newer cameras out that record to DVD and even have built-in hard drives, some people still use Mini DV camcorders. If you want to transfer your recorded videos to your PC, you can accomplish it in a few simple steps.


1. Turn off your computer and DV camcorder. Connect your composite video cord that came with your DV camcorder to the back of your camcorder and connect the other end to your TV capture card in your computer. The composite cord will have one end that is yellow, white and red. Plug this end into the back of your TV capture card. The other end is a standard 3.5-milimeter jack. Plug it into the back end of your camera (see Resources for images of both ends of this cord).

2. Turn on your computer, log into Windows and launch Windows Movie Maker (if you for some reason have deleted this program, there is a download link in the Resources). Turn on your camera when Windows Movie Maker finishes launching.

3. Locate the “Record From Video Device” option on the left side of Windows Movie Maker under the words “Movie Tasks.” Click on this option once and the video capture wizard will launch. Windows Movie Maker will detect your turned-on DV camcorder and display it under the words “Available devices.” Click on your camcorder in the list of available devices and then click on “Next.”

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4. Assign your new video file you’re going to create from the clip you want to transfer a name and choose where you want it to be saved. Choose the save location by clicking on the “Browse” button on the right side of the screen. Then, click “Next.” On the next screen displaying your video recording options, simply click “Next.”

5. Hit the “Play” button on your camcorder to start it playing the clip you want to transfer, then quickly hit the “Start capture” button in the top left corner of the video capture wizard on your computer. It will capture the video as it plays and transfer it to your PC. When your clip is done playing, click the “Stop Capture” button right under the “Start Capture” button. You can repeat this step for every clip on your DV camcorder that you want to transfer. Windows will just make a new video file for every clip you transfer onto your computer.

6. Click on the “Finish” button at the bottom of the video capture wizard when you are through transferring your clips. You can then exit out of Windows Movie Maker, and your transferred clips will be in the location you stored them in earlier. You have now transferred your movie clips from your DV camcorder to your PC.