Transfer Videos From A Sony Handycam To A Windows 7 Computer

Transfer Videos From a Sony Handycam to a Windows 7 Computer

Importing the video files from your Sony Handycam into Windows 7 allows you to save, edit, share and create DVDs from your home movies. Both Sony and Microsoft provide tools you can use to import the video and edit it on your computer. Sony offers the Picture Motion Browser (PMB) software with the Handycams and Microsoft uses Windows Live Movie Maker (WLMM) to import and edit videos.


Sony Picture Motion Browser

1. Connect your Sony Handycam to your Windows 7 computer with either USB or FireWire cable. Power on your camcorder. If your computer does not automatically install the drivers for your camcorde,r you may need to download them. The PMB software should open automatically. If it does not, click “Start” and then “Sony Picture Motion Browser” to launch it.

2. Click “Import Files” in the PMB software. You may need to select the media type for your Handycam if the message “USB select” appears.

3. Select the import options you wish (importing all the files, the files that have yet to be imported or manually selecting the files to import) and then click “OK.” Specify the folder to which you wish to import the files and then click “Import.” Once complete, the files will be available to view in the PMB window.

Windows Live Movie Maker

4. Connect your Handycam to your computer using either a USB or FireWire connection. Power on your camcorder. Windows should automatically detect and install the drivers for your Sony Handycam, but if it doesn’t you can find the drivers at the Windows Compatibility Center.

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5. Click “Start,” “All Programs,” “Windows Live” and then “Windows Live Movie Maker.” When the program opens, click the “Movie Maker” button and select “Import from Device.” Click “OK” to accept importation into “Windows Live Photo Gallery.”

6. Click on the icon for your Sony Handycam in the next window and then click “Import.” Click “Import Entire Video” if you wish to specify the folder, then click “More Options” and change the folder settings before clicking “OK.”

7. Click “OK,” “Next” and then click “Finish” to complete the importation of your videos to WLMM.