Transfer Video From My Iphone Camera To The Computer

Transfer video from your iPhone camera to your computer to increase available memory.

If you have an iPhone 3GS or later, you can take short videos using your phone’s camera function. Although there is no limit on the length of the videos you can take, the videos do take up significantly more memory than digital photos, making it difficult to take videos that are more than a few minutes long. Once you’ve captured a video, it is a good idea to transfer it to your computer as soon as possible to free up the memory on your phone.


Email Video

1. Email the video directly to your computer if the clip is less than one minute long. If the video is longer than a minute, you have two options: Trim the video to an appropriate length or sync your phone with your computer.

2. Click the icon in the lower left corner of the video for options to email the video or send it via SMS message. If the video is more than 60 seconds long, you will need to trim the video using the iPhone video editing tool prior to sending it. Your iPhone will notify you instantly if the video is too long and will give you the option to edit the file immediately.

3. Trim the video, if necessary, by modifying the yellow slider at the top of the video editing screen. By changing where the yellow slider begins and ends, you can change the length of the video and which part of the video you want to keep. If the real action of the video happened in the last 30 seconds, for example, you can choose to begin the video later and cut the beginning.

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4. Click the “Email” button in the upper right corner of the screen to prepare the video for email. Once ready, the video icon will appear in the body of an email on your iPhone’s screen.

5. Type your email address into the “To” field and add a message or subject line, as necessary. Press “Send” when you are ready to send your video as an email attachment.

6. Open the email attachment on your computer by logging into your personal email account. Download the video to your computer to save it.

Transfer Video by Syncing Your Phone

7. Open iTunes on your computer by clicking the iTunes icon.

8. Plug your phone into your computer with the USB cord that came with your iPhone. Wait until your computer recognizes your phone and it appears in the Devices menu in the left side of the iTunes screen.

9. Sync your iPhone with your computer by selecting the sync option from the iTunes File menu. Once the sync is complete, all of your photos and videos will be transferred to your computer’s hard drive.