Transfer Video From A Canon Zr950 Camcorder To A Laptop Computer

The Canon ZR950 is an entry-level color digital camcorder released by Canon at the beginning of 2008. The camcorder has the dual capability of being able to capture video and take still images. Video is stored on Mini DV tapes, whereas stills are recorded onto a removable SDHC card. Another notable feature of the ZR950 is the advanced lens, which is capable of providing 37x Optical and 2000x Digital zoom. The camera’s image sensor is a 1/6-inch CCD capable of producing a 1.7 mega pixel image resolution.


1. Switch on your personal computer or laptop. Get your DV cable. You will need to use a DV (IEEE1394) cable, which is not supplied with the camcorder but easy to find at most retailers who stock computer peripherals.

2. Connect the DV end of the cable to the camcorder’s DV terminal located on the left side of the camera and the PIN end to your computer. Your computer’s motherboard must have either a 4 PIN port or 6 PIN port to be able to connect. Set the camcorder to “PLAY” mode by rotating the dial on the right side of the camera.

3. Start your video editing software. Video software includes Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas or Apple’s Final Cut. Capture from the device using the relevant setting in your editing program. When setting up the import, the settings will need to use DV NTSC. Widescreen or Standard will depend on which mode you chose to use to record. Sound will be either 32 Khz or 48 Khz, again depending on the mode you selected when recording.

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