Transfer Programs To A Satellite Using Rs232 Cable

Satellite receivers rely on up-to-date software files and satellite keys in order to remain in contact with the necessary satellites. While most satellite providers will automatically update the software, FTA users must manually transfer the new files to their receiver. Use the RS232 port found on the rear of the receiver to connect it to your computer if there is no USB port on the receiver’s input panel.


1. Turn off the receiver and insert one end of the RS232 cable into the port on the rear of the receiver.

2. Fasten the other end into the RS232 port on your computer. If you are using an adapter, plug the end into the “RS232” port on the adapter and insert the other end into an open USB port.

3. Click “Start” and open the “All Programs” list. Open the loader application for your satellite receiver.

4. Click the “Browse” button in the loader and select the files you want to transfer. Click the “Open” button to copy it into the loader program’s interface.

5. Switch back on the receiver and click the “Download” button to transfer the programs to the satellite receiver. Wait for the transfer to complete before disconnecting the cable from your computer or the receiver. The receiver will restart with the new programs in place.

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