Transfer Hi8 Tape To Cd

CD-Rs for video transfer

Even if you have only a few seconds worth of video, it is possible for you to transfer your Hi8 tapes and save them to new media. Instead of transferring them to expensive DVDs, transfer them to a less expensive CD-R. Though a CD-R may only hold 700 MB of information, that may be enough to do the job. The transfer process is simple and with your movie on a CD-R it is easier to send to friends and family.


1. RCA cables for video and audio

Connect the cables that came with your camera to your computer‘s “in” portals. You should have a set of RCA cables. Red and white are for audio, and yellow is for video.

2. S-Cable for video.

If your camera came with an S-cable and your computer has an S-cable “in” hookup, plug in the S-cable for your video instead of the yellow RCA cable.

3. Rewind your Hi8 tape to the point where you want to begin the movie clip.

4. Open your movie maker program on your computer. Use movie maker programs such as Adobe’s Premiere Pro or Windows Movie Maker.

5. Find the tab that will let you create a new video. Some programs call it “Capture.” Click the “Capture” tab and choose the option that will create a new video or new time line. Begin the recording.

6. Let your video run to the point at which you want it to end.

7. After you have captured your movie, run through your time line to edit it. The time line is what your video and audio are added to on the program to be editable; the audio will be on a separate bar from your video. Move the time line bar to edit your movie.

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8. To export the film to a CD, locate the tab that allows you to export. Some programs have a command called “Export.” This will prompt you to set the location where you want to save your movie.

9. Choose the format under which you want the movie to be saved. Select either a .wma (Windows Media) file or an .avi (Audio Video Interweave) multimedia format. A .wma file is smaller than an .avi file.

10. A CD-R will hold 700 MB (megabytes). Make sure your movie is under 700 MB so that you can burn it onto a CD. If your movie is more than 700 MB, you may have to split it up on more than one CD.

11. After the program has rendered your movie to the folder, it may prompt you to start your CD burn. Insert a blank CD before you click “yes.”

12. Some movie maker programs do not export a movie to your desktop, but will just prompt you to burn your movie straight to a CD. To make extra copies once you’ve finished with the CD movie, copy the file onto your desktop and burn more discs using a CD burn program.

13. Label your disk using CD/DVD disk printable labels or your CD/DVD label printer.