Transfer Captured Video To Usb

USB drives allow for efficent data transfer or storage.

USB drives, sometimes called “flash drives” or “thumb drives,” provide quick and easy storage solutions that can fit in your pocket. At the high end, USB drives can hold up to 32 gigabytes of data. This roughly equates to about 300 hours of video in compressed, standard definition. While many camcorders and cameras have different ways of exporting videos onto your computer, the process of putting the video on a USB drive is relatively similar. All that matters is if the camera or camcorder act as an external hard drive or if software is needed to export data.


If Your Camera or Camcorder Requires Software to Export Video

1. Insert your USB drive into a USB slot in your computer and wait for the computer to recognize it. Often your computer will ask you if you wish to view the files inside the drive or if you would like to format it to help speed up your computer. Ignore these for now.

2. Connect your digital camera or camcorder to your computer. As every camera and camcorder are different you may need to review your instruction manual, however, most simply have a USB cord that attaches to the camera and a USB slot on a computer.

3. Allow the software installed on your computer to recognize your device. If no software recognizes the device you either need to open the software in your Programs folder or run the CD that came with the device to install the software.

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4. Select your video within the software and select where you wish to export the video. In this case browse for the USB drive. Look for it under My Computer. For Windows 7 users it will be located under Devices with Removable Storage in the Computer folder.

5. Click Next or Export and your files will be transferred to the USB drive.

6. Disconnect both devices after all transfers have been completed.

If Software Was Not Included or Activated or if the Device Acts like a Hard Drive

7. Connect both the USB drive and the digital camera or camcorder to the computer.

8. Click the “Open to view files and folders” option that will pop up for both devices. Here you will see the folders and files located on each device.

9. Locate the video on the camera or camcorder. Depending on the device, the folder could be named anything from a date to random letters and numbers.

10. Drag and drop the video into a folder of your choosing on the USB drive.

11. Disconnect both devices after all transfers have been completed.