Transfer Adobe Photoshop Cs2 For Windows To A New Computer

Adobe Photoshop version CS2 hit the shelves in 2005, by which time the Photoshop series had amassed more than 4 million active users worldwide. The software is designed so that it can be transferred from one computer to another, provided that the correct steps are taken to deactivate the program on the current computer and activate it on the new one. The process is not complicated, but certain actions must be performed to ensure that the software is successfully installed on the new computer.


1. Plug both computers into a modem or router, and establish an Internet connection. To enable a connection, click the “Start” button on the main Windows menu, choose “Control Panel,” “Network and Internet,” “Network and Sharing Center,” “Set Up a Connection or Network” and “Connect to the Internet.”

2. Insert the Photoshop CS2 installation disc into the optical drive of the computer on which Photoshop is currently installed.

3. Select a language from the options presented, and click “OK.”

4. Read the software license agreement and click “Accept” to accept the terms and move on to the next page.

5. Select “Install Photoshop CS2” from the menu options, then click “Next.” When “Install Photoshop CS2” is selected from a computer on which CS2 is already installed, removal and transfer options are available.

6. Choose “Remove,” then click “Next.”

7. Select either “Keep Preferences” or “Delete Preferences,” then click “Next.” If you choose “Keep Preferences,” the preferences files that contain your custom settings will not be deleted, and you can later transfer them to the new computer via a USB drive. If you select “Delete Preferences,” the version of CS2 on the new computer will run with default settings.

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8. Choose “Transfer” from the options on the “Product Activation Transfer” screen. This will deactivate the software so that it can be reactivated on a different computer.

9. Click “Remove” to remove Photoshop CS2 from the current computer.

10. Eject the Photoshop installation disc from the old computer once the removal process is complete, and insert it into the optical drive of the new computer.

11. Enter the same responses on the “Language Selection” and “License Agreement” pages as you did when removing the program from the old computer.

12. Click “Install Photoshop CS2.”

13. Click “Next” at the Install Wizard screen to begin the installation.

14. Enter the product serial number and your personal details into the fields provided. Find the serial number on the back of the Photoshop disc case or on the disc itself.

15. Click “OK.”

16. Click “OK” to select the default destination on the “Choose Destination Location” screen. If you need to install Photoshop onto a different hard drive than the one indicated, Adobe recommends keeping the same path name and changing only the drive designation.

17.Select the image types that you would like to open in Photoshop by default.

18. Click “Install.”

19. Transfer your preferences files to the new computer if necessary using a USB drive. Right-click to copy the “Adobe Photoshop CS2 Settings” folder, which is found under “Users,” “[User Profile],” “Library” and “Preferences,” and paste it to replace the folder of the same name and location on the new computer. Repeat the process for the “Adobe” folder located at “Users,” “[User Profile],” “Library” and “Application Support.”

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