Transfer A Sony Hd Video To A Mac Leopard

Apple launched version 10.5 of its popular OSX operating system, dubbed “Leopard,” in 2007. IMovie, part of the iLife package, is Apple’s proprietary video-editing system that is included with Leopard and other OSX releases. Take advantage of the HD editing capabilities of the iMovie package by transferring your Sony HD video to your Mac Leopard.


1. Set the Sony next to the Mac running Leopard.

2. Connect one end of the USB cable to the Sony HD video camera. Connect the other end to the Leopard computer. Plug in the AC adapter for the camera and connect it to the camera’s power supply jack.

3. Start up iMovie. Select “File->Import from Camera” from the main menu.

4. Enter a name for your project. Select a screen ratio. Ensure that the “HD” option is selected.

5. Switch the record selector on the left side of the screen from the movie film icon to the camera icon to enable the record mode.

6. Use the camera controls in iMovie to select the scenes that you want to import. The controls work similar to those on a VCR. When you have marked the video, click “Import.” Also use the “Capture Tape” function to capture the whole tape.

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