Transfer A Mini Dv Video To A Dvd On The Computer

Firewire cable

Mini-DV is a popular format for newer video cameras. Mini-DV tapes are much smaller than the old style VHS tapes that went right from your camcorder to your VCR. Mini-DV tapes are digital, so while you can’t play them in a VCR or a DVD player, you can connect it to your computer and make DVDs of your home videos. Because of the digital nature of Mini-DV this has inspired many amateur film makers to make their own low budget films with camcorders.


1. Connect a Firewire cable from the camcorder to the computer. Camcorders that use Mini-DV have a Firewire connection. With the camera turned on, connect the cable to the camera and the other end to a Firewire port on your computer.

2. Open video capture software on your computer. You can use any number of video editing and capture programs. Windows Moviemaker is built into to Windows software and can be used. Windows 7 users can download Moviemaker live from Open Moviemaker and select the option to capture video from a device. This will copy the footage on the Mini-DV tape to your computer.

3. Open DVD authoring software. MyDVD is one authoring tool in later versions of Windows but you can use any authoring software. Open the application and choose to create a DVD. Insert a DVD into the computer. Choose the file you saved in Moviemaker and then choose to start the DVD creating process.

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