Transfer 8mm Video Cassettes To Dvd

Transferring analog video to digital format is a great way to preserve family memories and valuable video resources. Analog video will degrade over time until the poor quality makes it unwatchable. Digital video will not degrade as long as the storage medium remains intact. It is also more versatile for use in video editing and web video.

Instructions Import media items. The video clip will show up as a filmstrip icon on your screen. Click and drag it to the timeline, which is at the bottom. You can use Movie Maker to cut, trim, add titles and music and further customize your movie.

5. Go to File and choose Publish movie. Choose the DVD option, which will open Windows DVD Maker. Choose the menu options you want from the right side of the screen. To preview your finished product, press the green button above the video file. When finished, put a blank DVD into your disc drive and click burn. The process may take more than an hour.

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