Training Recommendations For Avid Liquid 7

Training Recommendations for Avid Liquid 7

Avid Liquid 7 is video editing software used by video enthusiasts and professionals. Liquid was originally a product of Pinnacle, a video software company known for excellent graphics and effects. Liquid 7 contains everything needed to edit a professional video, including HDV (High Definition Video) and MPEG capability, real-time effects, SmartSound custom music tracks and DVD authoring. Liquid 7 training will teach you project management, effects editing, music creation and authoring with the DVD Wizard.

Capturing and Importing Footage New > Project, give it a name and then choose the desktop layout in the View menu. You may also need to adjust the Timeline view by clicking the “Q” icon above the Timeline. Select “Input Wizard” from the File menu. One benefit of Liquid 7 over other video editing systems is the Open Timeline, which allows you to work in different formats without converting them. Some video editing systems cannot handle certain formats, such as AVCHD (a new high definition format) and MPEG-2, which is used for hard drive and DVD camcorders.

Editing Video and Audio

The Liquid 7 editing tools and style are a combination of Avid video editing systems, such as Media Composer and Pinnacle’s consumer-friendly interface. Liquid requires you to mark the in and out point of a video clip in the source monitor and then click the arrow between the monitors to send the clip to the Timeline. The audio and video are automatically unlinked in the Timeline, allowing you to move them apart without the extra step required in editing systems like Adobe Premiere.

Effects and Color Correction

Liquid 7 contains all the great video effects from Pinnacle, combined with the powerful color correction tools common to Avid systems. Click the folder at the left end of the task bar to reveal video effects, transitions and the Commotion Clip FX (effects), which contains various filters such as blur, distort and image control. When you click and drag the effects to the video clips, you will be able to see the result in real time without rendering. Access the color correction editor by left-clicking the effect editors menu button on the task bar above the Timeline.


Left-click File > New > SmartSound Clip to access the music generator and the library. Preview the music selections by style and version and then import them into your Liquid Timeline. The SmartSound editor creates the exact song length you need with a custom-made beginning and end.

DVD Authoring

The DVD Menu Wizard allows you to select menu templates and styles and add them to the video Timeline.The Wizard will break your project into chapters using the existing in points from the tracks that you choose. When you are finished creating the menus and chapters, a remote control allows you to preview the clips, in order to make sure the DVD will work properly before you burn it.

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