Top Rated Small Business Payroll Software

A top-rated payroll software program can make running your small business easier.

One key to financial success for a small business is keeping track of finances. Small businesses must complete a number of financial tasks on their own: completing government reports and tax reports, making tax payments, writing checks and keeping track of salaries and inventory. A number of top-rated small business payroll software programs are available to help you keep your business financially organized.

QuickBooks by Intuit Inc.

PC Magazine gave QuickBooks Premier edition the Editor’s Choice Award in 2010 for the best small business software. QuickBooks offers five different payroll options, one of which is online. The other four software programs range from around $100 to $600. The middle two software programs are the best for small businesses. With QuickBooks Pro software, you can manage online banking, bills, customer, vendor and employee data, as well as create invoices and organize your finances into different groups. The expanded QuickBooks Premier allows you to do all of the above as well as complete sales, profitability and job reports.

Peachtree by Sage Accounting

PC Magazine also rated Peachtree by Sage Premium Accounting as one of the top software programs for small businesses. Peachtree offers three payroll options: Simple Payroll, Select Payroll and Managed Payroll. Simple Payroll costs $259 per year, while Select Payroll costs $349 per year. The cost of Managed Payroll depends on your business needs, but Peachtree’s website says their price will be up to 30 percent less than other providers. Peachtree Simple Payroll keeps all your employee information, calculates deductions, creates paychecks and can even do direct deposit. Peachtree carries your payroll information to tax forms, so all you have to do is print and sign the forms when it is time to file. Select Payroll has the same features as Simple Payroll but also allows you to e-file your tax forms.

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AccountEdge 2010 for Windows

PC Magazine named AccountEdge 2010 for Windows another top payroll software program for small businesses. The program was formerly known as MYOB. The cost of AccountEdge is $299 if you’re starting new or $159 for an upgrade. Its payroll features allows you to calculate income, deductions and expenses. You can also set up employee pay rates, edit paychecks and deliver checks by e-mail or print. The program also keeps track of vacation and sick time, time sheets and prior years’ payroll information.

Bookkeeper 2009 by Avanquest

Bookkeeper 2009 was rated one of the top payroll software programs for small businesses by the website Top Ten Reviews. Bookkeeper 2009 only offers one payroll program, but at a very affordable price of around $40. Bookkeeper 2009 is able to produce checks, download banking and credit information, complete billing and invoicing, prepare tax reports and track sales, sales tax and payments. The software program provides more than 125 reports, including a general ledger, accounts payable and receivable and payroll.