Titles And Text Overlays In Microsoft Movie Maker

If you are looking to add a professional touch to your next video, then consider adding titles, text overlays and credits. While this will require some video editing, it is not difficult and can be completed in a few short steps using Microsoft Movie Maker video editing software.


1. Start by opening Microsoft Movie Maker and capture or import still images or video into your current collection.

2. Continue by dragging one or more imported pictures or movie clips from your collection to the timeline or storyboard tracks.

3. Click “Make titles or credits” under the Edit Movie category.

4. Select one of the five options that is most aligned to your need.

5. Enter the text of your title or text overlay.

6. Click “Change the title animation” to change the animation of your title or text overlay. Certain animations are for text overlays only, but you may choose any of the animations available.

7. Choose “Change the text font and color” to adjust the font type, color and size. You may also change the background color on titles, the transparency and the position of text.

8. Select “Done, add title to movie” once you have completed creating your title or text overlay.

9. Adjust the length of your title or text overlay by clicking on it in the timeline “Video” or “Title Overlay” track and dragging it out to expand the time or in to reduce the time.

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