Tips & Tricks For Ulead Cool 3d

3D graphics are a powerful tool.

Ulead Cool 3D is an inexpensive yet powerful 3D graphics tool that can be used to create any number of effects. It is most frequently used to create amazing 3D titles and text for videos. While in the past you would have needed a professional-level program such as Adobe After Effects to create these sorts of effects for a video, Ulead Cool 3D places these abilities in the hands of the amateur video maker. But there are several things that can make your Ulead work more effectively.

Understanding Positioning

An important aspect of Ulead Cool 3D to understand is the X,Y, Z coordinates system. This system allows users to place their graphics relative to one another in 3D space, permitting an item to be above, below, beside, behind or in front of another item. Because different 3D programs often apply the letters in a different order, it is important to know which is which in Ulead Cool 3D. The X coordinate in Ulead controls the movement of an item from side to side on the screen. Entering a negative number moves the item to the left, while a positive number moves it to the right. The Y coordinate controls up and down motion, with negative numbers moving the item down and positive numbers moving it up. The Z coordinate controls the depth of an object relative to others. Entering a negative number will move an object back in the view, while entering a positive number will move it forward.

Flaming Text

Ulead 3D has the ability to use effects plug-ins that allow users to quickly add any number of effects. Some of these plug-ins can be added separately, while some come with the program. One of the latter of these is the “Fire” plugin. To use the fire plug-in to add flames to text, you would first have to create a file and add some text to it. Then all you have to do is click on the “Fire Effects” library in the “Libraries” panel. From the listed presets, select the one that looks like the fire effect you would like to apply to the text. You can now go to the “Attributes” for the effects (such as Strength, Direction and Length) and adjust them.

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Key Frames

Key frames are a common concept often found in 3D programs. This ability was added to Ulead Cool 3D with the release of Version 2. It allows the user to better control the movement of an object in a scene, permitting the creation of far more complex animations. For example, if you are creating an animated graphic in Ulead Cool 3D, you can add a key frame to define the motion of the graphic on one direction, and then add another that moves it in a different direction later in the animation.