The Fraps Sound Is Out Of Sync

Fraps is a gaming utility that captures individual screen shots and video in real time for benchmarking purposes. The name of the utility refers to frames per second. Fraps works with both OpenGL and DirectX applications and is popular with game developers and individuals who use game recordings for film. Fraps also displays game performance information. At times, Fraps sound may play out of sync.

Basic Solutions

Out-of-sync audio in Fraps can be synced ahead of or behind the intended image. To solve audio sync issues, update the Fraps utility to the latest version. From the main toolbar menu, select the “Fraps” option and click “Check for Updates.” If updating doesn’t fix the audio sync, verify that a check mark appears to the left of the “Sync” option under the application’s “Audio” subsection.


Sound out of sync from the beginning of playback may result from compressor issues. Determine if the compressor is the source of the sync problem by verifying the absence of a sync problem when viewing the footage in its raw form. Open the codec settings and select the “Compressor” option. Select “Zero latency” prior to encoding the footage.

Gigabyte Limit

Sync problems that progressively worsen typically don’t result from compressor issues. Instead, gradually worsening issues may result from stringing multiple files together; these problems may not occur when you play the files individually. To ensure compatibility with all video editing programs, Fraps imposes a 4 gigabyte limit for individual files. Stringing multiple files that exceed this limit may result in sync problems.

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Limit Workaround

If Fraps doesn’t allow you to combine multiple files for the encoding process, select the “Direct Stream Copy” option from the “Source Video” subsection. Additionally, select the “Source Audio” option. This allows you to combine the files without experiencing sync problems and to edit or encode the individual files as a whole.