The Best Internal Dvd Writers

Internal DVD writers are in most laptops and personal computers.

Computer DVD players that have the ability to write data to a disk are an increasingly popular internal feature on many laptop computers. With so many internal DVD writers available though, it can be hard to know which DVD writer is the best. Your choice for the best writable internal DVD player will largely depend on which features are most important to you.

BenQ DW1625 LightScribe

The BenQ DW1625 LightScribe is PC Magazine’s Editor’s Choice for internal DVD writers. The LightScribe uses Nero software and is prepackaged with many Hewlett-Packard computer systems. The internal drive can etch a CD logo onto the cover of the CD while burning the data on the CD. PC Magazine does note that the labels fade over time, but the technological innovation of the LightScribe along with its logo etching technology made this internal DVD writer one of the best on the market according to PC Magazine.

Pioneer DVR-A08XL

The Pioneer DVR-A08XL is considered one of the fastest burning CD writers on the market according to PC Magazine. PC Magazine explains that the DVD writer is versatile enough to adjust the speed of data transfer depending on whether you’re writing photos, data or video to the DVD. The drive is able to burn data onto DVD at three different speeds. The Pioneer DVR also has an efficient laser burner, minimizing data errors. The one downside to the writer, according to PC Magazine, is that the drive is slow when ripping data from a DVD.

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Lite-On LH-2B1S Blu-Ray Burner

The Lite-On LH-2B1S Blu-ray Burner is one of the few DVD writers on the market that utilizes Blu-ray technology. PC Magazine states that the Lite-On internal DVD writer is one of the most affordable Blu-ray burners. However, the magazine concedes that it is slow when burning data and, compared to the prices of a normal DVD writer, much more expensive than a standard quality DVD writer.

Sony DRU-710A

The Sony DRU-710A is a DVD writer that is compatible with most computer desktops. PC Magazine states that the DVD writer comes with a good software bundle, such as Nero’s Digital Suite. The DVD writer is also one of the fastest DVD/CD burners on the market. However, the device is much slower when it comes to ripping data from a DVD or CD.