The Average Salary Of A Video Producer

Video producers coordinate everything from camera procurement to budgeting.

The spread of recording and editing technology has put professionally produced videos within the budget of many organizations. Making sure filming videos, be it educational clips or music videos, run smoothly is the responsibility of producers, who hire talent and directors, help find locations and manage the productions’ budgets. Although they often have no direct creative impact on videos, producers are essential to productions’ successes.

Average Earnings

Like other creative professions, producers frequently don’t secure long-term employment, and must continually look to find their next job, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Because of this, many don’t work full-time, year-round positions, making it difficult to track their annual earnings. When broken down on an hourly basis, producers earn an average hourly wage of $41.77 as of May 2009, according to the BLS. Video producers earn an average annual salary of $53,000 as of February 2011, according to Simply Hired.

Average Advertised Salary

Salaries for permanent positions often exceed the median salary for video producers. Advertised salaries for vacant video producer positions averaged $68,179 as of February 2011, according to Posted salaries ranged between $33,350 and $149,400, and included positions as varied as openings with ministry video production companies, rock music promotions companies and the British Broadcasting Company. Only three positions, two with the BBC and another with a private production firm in New Hampshire, advertised salaries higher than the median salary, though they were high enough to impact average salaries for the listings.

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Salaries Around the Country

Video producers face a wide range of salary levels depending upon the part of the country in which they work, with salary differences of more than 100 percent between regions. Video producers who work in New York earn the highest average annual salary, and receive $107,885 annually as of February 2011, according to Salary Expert. The city with the second-highest average salary, Atlanta, reported average earnings of $76,964. In contrast, Phoenix, the city with the lowest average salary, reported video producer earnings of $40,591 annually.

Music Video Producer Salary

Music video producers typically earn higher salaries than many other producers in the industry. Although the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that only 660 producers and directors work for the recording industry, those producers earn a median annual wage of $81,340 as of May 2009. The half of music video producers with the earnings closest to the median income earn salaries between $50,470 and $143,890. The 10 percent with the highest salary earn higher salaries levels than the BLS tracks, receiving at least $166,400 each year.