Text To A Movie In Windows Movie Maker

Add Text to a Movie in Windows Movie Maker

Editing movies using your computer is now easier than ever before. Most new versions of Microsoft Windows come equipped with the handy Windows Movie Maker application. This program allows you easily edit and manipulate movie files and then save them. Inclusive of adding effects, text, titles, credits and even splicing movie files together and editing them.


1. Right-click on the movie file and open into Windows Movie Maker. You will need to select the icon for the movie file that you wish to edit and right-click on it; a submenu will open. Then select “Open With” and scroll to Windows Movie Maker. If this does not work, open Windows Movie Maker and left click on the file tab; a submenu will open. Select “Import into my Collections” and left-click.

2. Drag the movie file to the timeline command bar. The icon of the movie file will show up in filmstrip format in the middle of the application. Left-click on the movie file and drag it to the timeline command bar at the bottom of the application interface.

3. Add text to the movie file. Left-click on the “Tools” tab on the command bar; a submenu will open. Scroll to “Titles and Credits” and left-click; a box will open. Select where you want the text to appear in the movie file and left-click.

4. Enter the desired text and save. A text box will open where you can enter the desired amount of text and its formatting. Click the “Done add to movie” link at the lower right corner to save the text and add it to your movie file.

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