Take The Video Card Out Of A Sony Vaio Desktop

VAIO from Sony stands for “Visual Audio Intelligence Organizer”, and products carrying this name are designed for casual computing afficionado. Sony VAIO computers have become more and more popular in recent years, and owners of VAIO computers may be inclined to upgrade their video cards. Doing this first requires the owner to remove their existing video card. This is a very easy task that only takes a few moments to complete.


1. Power down your computer and unplug the power cord from the machine. Unhook any other cords from the back of the computer.

2. Lay the computer down on its side, door facing upwards.

3. Slide off the side panel of the computer to expose the motherboard and connected cards.

4. Locate your video card from the expansion cards plugged into the motherboard.

5. Slide the video card out of the slot slowly. If you are replacing the video card, slide the new card into the slot.

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