System Requirements For Studio 10

Edit hours of digital video footage with ease in Pinnacle Studio 10.

Studio 10 is a member of the best-selling digital video editing software line from Pinnacle. It has since been outpaced by newer versions, with Studio 14 being the most recent as of November 2010, but version 10 is still an excellent product that can satisfy anybody seeking a quality digital environment in which to edit video.

Operating System

According to the official Pinnacle specifications, Studio 10 was designed to run only on Windows XP, but an installer for Windows Vista was included on the DVD for Studio version 10.6. To install to Windows 7, a patch must be downloaded from the Pinnacle website.

Processor and Memory

Studio 10 will run on a 1.4 GHz processor, but it is recommended that a 2.4 GHz or higher processor is used for Studio 10 to run at its best. 512 megabytes of RAM are required to run Studio 10, but 1 gigabyte will run it faster and more efficiently. 1 gigabyte is the amount of disk space required to install Studio 10. This goes up to 3 gigabytes if the bonus software features are installed alongside the core program.

Other Necessary Hardware

A DirectX 9-compatible video card with 32 megabytes of RAM is required, but bumping the amount of RAM to 128 megabytes will allow smoother video capabilities. A DirectX 9-compatible sound card is also required. A DVD-ROM drive is required for the installation of Studio 10.

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