Sync Video Audio To Avi

When you capture a video and save it as an Audio Video Interleave (AVI) file, occasionally the audio and video can become out of sync. This generally occurs due to either the capture speed used during the video capture or the sound codec that was used for capturing. While syncing the out of sync audio and video of an AVI file can be a tedious task, and getting the sound in exactly the right place can be difficult in some programs, the process itself is pretty basic.


Video-editing Software

1. Open video-editing software that can recognize and edit AVI video files, such as Adobe Premiere and Windows Movie Maker. Go to the “File” menu and choose “Open”, browse for the AVI file on the hard drive and double-click the AVI file to open it in the program.

2. Pull the AVI clip that you want to sync into the timeline by clicking on the clip in the media pane and dragging it onto the timeline. The clip populates both the video and audio tracks of the timeline. In some programs, you may need to click a plus sign button by audio to see the audio track.

3. Right-click either the audio or video track and choose “Unlink Audio and Video.” This separates the audio and video tracks into independent tracks.

4. Click on the audio track and hold down the left button of the mouse. Move the mouse right to move the audio track forward. This is the direction you must move the track in if the audio is ahead of the video.

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5. Drag the left edge of the track slightly to the right if the audio is behind the video during play. To drag the left edge of the track, click on the left border of the clip in the timeline and drag the mouse to the right. This creates some space so that you can move the audio track to the left to try to get the audio in sync with the video.

6. Play the AVI in the preview monitor in the editing program to determine how well the audio and video sync up. You may have to move the audio and preview the audio and video together several times before they are in sync.

AVI-Syncing Program

7. Download and install an AVI-syncing program. VirtualDub and AV-Sync are AVI-syncing programs available for free download online.

8. Launch the AVI-syncing program on your computer. Go to the “File” menu and select “Open” or drag the file from the folder on the computer to the program window to open the file in the program.

9. Go to the “Video” menu or the “Synchronize” tab to find the “Frame Rate” option. Select the “Change so video and audio durations match” option or “Automatic” selection in the frame rate section.

10. Save the altered file by going to “File” and “Save as AVI” in VirtualDub, or by clicking “Apply” in AVI-Sync. Once the file has saved, open a media player, such as Windows Media Player, and open the file created in VirtualDub to see if the AVI is now in sync. In AVI-Sync, click on the “Preview” screen to see if the file is in sync.

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