Sync The Audio Of Movies In Sony Vegas

Whenever you download or import a movie to your computer, audio sync issues can occur. Audio sync issues interfere greatly with video-watching. When a movie file has audio sync issues, the sound that goes with the video seems to occur too soon or too late, and doesn’t match the action of the video. You can sync the video and audio clips back up in most video-editing applications, including Sony Vegas.


1. Start a new project in Sony Vegas by going to “File” and “New.” In the window that opens, leave all of the default settings in place and click “OK.”

2. Upload the movie file in which you need to sync the audio by going to the “File” menu, hovering over “Import” and choosing “Media” from the options that come up. Then, navigate to the folder that contains the movie file in the window that comes up and double-click the file to add it to the media pane in Sony Vegas.

3. Drag and drop the movie file that you imported onto the Sony Vegas timeline. Two video clips open two separate tracks on the timeline: the video clip in the “Video” track and the audio part of the clip in the “Audio” track.

4. Unlink the audio from the video in the Sony Vegas timeline. To unlink the audio, right-click the clip on the audio track, choose “Group” from the menu and then “Remove From.” The video and audio clips can now be moved independently of each other on the timeline.

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5. Slide the audio track up or down on the timeline by clicking the clip, holding down the mouse button and moving your mouse left or right. Move the audio clip to the left if the sound seems to happen too late, and to the right if the audio seems to happen too early in comparison to the video clip.

6. Preview the video with the audio to see if they are in sync after each move of the audio clip. To preview, click the “Play” button in the preview window in the upper right of the screen. Continue to move the audio file until it matches the video footage. Once the two clips are in sync, go to “File,” “Render As…” to export the clips as a new movie file.