Sync Audio With Mp4 Video

Sync Audio With MP4 Video

You will need to resync audio with MP4 video if the original file has been encoded out of sync. MP4 is a video container that was popularized during the latter half of the 2000s. You will need a frameserving post-processing tool if you want to sync audio and video together. Because MP4 is a relatively new format, many frameserving post-processing tools do not work with the format. If you want to sync the audio with MP4 video you can only use AviDemux. AviDemux will allow you to shift the audio and video synchronization as much as you like.


1. Download and install AviDemux. Click “Start,” then “All Programs,” then the “AviDemux” folder and then “AviDemux” to launch the application.

2. Click “File” and then “Open.”

3. Locate and select your MP4 file. Click “Open.”

4. Click “Shift” to enable the time shifting on video and audio.

5. Change the “0” counter to increase or decrease the millisecond delay between audio and video streams. Click “Save” once you have finished your syncing needs, designate a location and file name. Click “Save.”

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