Subtitles To A Movie In Avs Video Converter

Digital movie files often use a separate, specially formatted text file to store the subtitles for the movie. When you play the movie in a media player that supports these subtitle files, the subtitles appear at the bottom of the screen. If your media player software doesn’t support separate subtitle files, use AVS Video Converter to embed the subtitles into the movie file itself. Once the subtitles are embedded, they will always appear when you play the movie. AVS Video Converter can add subtitles in the “.ssa” and “.srt” formats to a movie.


1. Launch AVS Video Converter. Click the “Browse” button next to “Input File Name.” Double-click the movie file to which you want to add subtitles.

2. Click the “Advanced” button. Click the “Subpicture” drop-down menu. Select “1.Track” from the menu. If more than one subtitle track appears, select the track marked “English.”

3. Click the “Output File Name” text field. Type the desired path and name for the movie file into the text field.

4. Click the icon corresponding to the original file’s format at the top of the AVS window. If you’re adding subtitles to an AVI file, for example, click “To AVI”; if you’re adding subtitles to an FLV file, click “To FLV.”

5. Click “Convert Now.” AVS Video Converter adds the subtitles to the movie.

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