Start A Video Site

Starting a Video Site

In today’s world of social networking, a person’s online presence consists of Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and MySpace and video sharing sites as well. Many formerly unknown individuals have become overnight video sensations with their own video sites, including the entertaining iJustine and the infamous Chris Crocker of “Leave Brittany Alone” fame. Starting a video site is simple and requires only a computer, video camera and software, and high-speed Internet.


1. Purchase a video camera and video editing software (if it is not already installed on your computer). A high-definition (HD) video camera is recommended. For portability, purchase a small pocket-sized model — it performs nearly as well with the exception of minor issues such as audio quality and stabilization. If you want to go more professional, look into a larger mid to high quality video camera.

2. Register with a video site. The most popular video sharing website is YouTube. Others include Vimeo, Metacafe, Revver, and for the Christian community, Tangle (formerly GodTube). Social networking sites, including Facebook and MySpace, feature video uploading and sharing directly from inside the social community.

3. Create your channel. Consider your video channel as a television station, except it’s an Internet address. Viewers can switch to your channel and discover what videos you have been posting. This is your new video site — a place to add a description of your videos and to communicate with viewers through comments and bulletins. During the video site registration process, the website will take you through all the steps necessary to create the channel including your profile, privacy preferences and layout (instructions vary by site).

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4. Create your first movie. Grab your video camera and start filming. It could be anything — popular topics include pet antics, funny personalities and how-to videos. When you’re done, hook the camera up to your computer and use video editing software to crop, add audio or add video effects.

5. Upload the movie to your new channel. The uploading process is easy and can be accomplished through video editing software or through the video website itself. Get started by locating the file you wish to upload. Be sure to take note of file size and time restrictions. After you’ve found the video on your computer, click “Upload Video” to begin.

6. Advertise your new video site. Using your social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace, announce your new channel and include the channel’s URL. Whenever you post a new video, always include links back to the video for increased exposure.