Start A Commercial Production Company

Technological advances have made it a good time to start a commercial production company. Businesses want to produce high quality commercials to advertise their services. With the development of high definition television, expectations and revenue in the commercial production field have risen considerably.


1. Build the capital needed to start the commercial production company. A large amount of capital is going to be needed, even if the company is on the smaller side. You need enough money for equipment, set space, advertising, office space and payroll.

2. Find the space needed for your commercial production company. You’ll want enough room to fit a sound stage, office space and an editing studio. Consider a studio space that’s centrally located in case you need to film commercials on location.

3. Get the equipment that you need to launch your commercial production company. Rent out or buy standing sets, cameras, camera support, sound equipment, grip equipment, lighting, editing equipment, booms and additional set props.

4. Hire the staff that you need to produce commercials. You should employ a set manager, director, writing team, editing team and film crew. Just starting out, you may want to outsource some of your staffing needs.

5. Advertise in entertainment publications. LA 411, New York 411 and Production Hub are a number of websites that can be used to advertise your new commercial production company. Also, spread the word through industry professionals that you know.

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