Split Single Or Multiple Clips In Adobe Premiere Pro

When you are editing in Adobe Premiere Pro, you will often need to split your clips or cut clips in several tracks at once. When you split a clip, you create a new separate instance of the original clip as well as any clips linked to it. The new clips are full versions of the original clip, but they have different “In” and “Out” points. You can split clips in several ways.


1. Move the Timeline’s current-time indicator to the exact point where you want to split the clip. Then go to “Sequence,” and then “Razor” at “Current-Time Indicator.”

2. Select the “Razor” tool from the toolbox. Mouse over the point in the sequence where you want to split the clip or clips, and left-click.

3. If you have a clip that has audio and video linked, you can split only the audio or video portion of linked clips, by holding the “Alt” key and clicking with the “Razor” tool.

4. To split all tracks in your Timeline at the same point in the panel, hold the “Shift” key and click with the “Razor” tool. Make sure to lock any clip that you don’t want to split by clicking in the square to the right of the “eyeball” in your video or audio track.

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