Speed Up A Video In Windows Live Movie Maker

Give your home movies an action-packed look with the speed tool in Windows Live Movie Maker.

Windows Live Movie Maker video-editing software allows users to import photos, music and video clips and turn them into impressive-looking movies. Once you’ve imported the content that you want to include in your movie, you can edit the video with a range of preinstalled special effects, including a speed effect. You can speed up video in Windows Live Movie Maker with the program’s “Adjust” tool.


1. Launch Windows Live Movie Maker on your computer.

2. Click the “Click Here to Browse for Videos and Photos” in the main program window. Click a video file to select it, and then click the “Open” button.

3. Click on the video clip in the main program window.

4. Click the “Edit” tab under “Video Tools” in the main program menu.

5. Click “Speed” in the “Adjust” group.

6. Select your preferred video speed from the list of speed options in the drop-down menu. Choose a speed greater than “1x” to speed up the video. You can speed up the video to a maximum of “64x.” Save the movie to store your changes.

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