Special Effects To A Quicktime Movie

Add special effects to your QuickTime video to enhance playback.

Although special effects are not included in the basic QuickTime Player program, they can be added to new or existing videos if you upgrade your QuickTime Player to QuickTime Pro. The upgraded program also provides additional features, including video conversion and the ability to save streaming videos found on the Internet. QuickTime Pro is available for purchase at your local computer software retail store and as a purchased download from the online Apple Store.


1. Download and install QuickTime Pro (see Resources).

2. Click the “Start” menu button on your desktop’s taskbar, and click “All Programs” from the pop-up menu on your PC. Select the “QuickTime Pro” folder and select “QuickTime Pro 7” from the sub-menu. On a Macintosh computer, select the “Finder” icon on your Dock and select the “Applications” folder. Double-click the “QuickTime Pro” icon to run the application.

3. Click “File” on the menu at the top of the program window, and choose “Open” from the pull-down menu. Locate the QuickTime video and double-click the movie to open it in the program.

4. Select “File” at the top of the program window, and select “Export” from the pull-down menu. Click “Movie to QuickTime Movie” from the menu. Select “Options” on the menu, and select “Filter.”

5. Double-click any of the available filters you wish to add to your video to apply it.

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