Special Effects Software

Once, special effects were only available to expensive movie and television productions. Now, you can create special effects in your home on your desktop PC. There are many software applications that allow you to add special effects to your own movie, whether it’s a commercial production or something created just for fun.

3D Software

Many 3D programs are available, but only a few produce the high-quality graphics needed for special effects. Autodesk’s Maya 3D is the industry standard for movies. However, LightWave 3D and 3D Studio Max are also gaining popularity for special effects. Cheaper options include Carrara or trueSpace.

Effects Generator Software

Use effects generating applications or plug-ins for creating specific special effects such as smoke, explosions, fire or water. Companies that produce this type of software include Wondertouch, Boris FX, DigiEffects and Digital Anarchy.

Editing Software

Many special effects can be added during the editing process. Use editing software to combine multiple video clips, add complex transitions and even convert the video to a 2D cartoon. Some editing applications also allow you to add explosions and smoke. Examples of editing software include Pinnacle Studios, Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects.

Green Screen Software

Green screen effects are a great method for combining video of actors with a separate background. Use green screen compositing software to film your actors in front of a green screen, then add your background footage. Examples of this software include Green Screen Wizard, 123 Video Magic and PhotoKey Pro.

Sound Editing Software

Use sound editing software to add sounds, actor voiceovers and music. Many programs allow you to change the volume or frequency, add reverb or echo, or convert an actor’s voice to a robot’s voice. Examples of this software include Sound Forge, VoiceSFX and Blaze Media Pro. Adobe Premiere also provides some sound editing features.

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