Sony Vegas 6 Editing Tips

Sony Vegas 6 is a professional video-editing software used by filmmakers worldwide. This piece of software can do wonders, yet it is difficult to grasp. There are multiple controls and buttons, but with the right amount of patience and guidance, you can learn master Sony Vegas 6.


The first thing you should know about any video editing software are the definitions of the software’s features. You do not have to comprehend each term in the program, but strive for a basic knowledge of how the features operate. The timeline is the part of the program that you will place video clips on. The chroma key effect is another word for green screen effect. The preview window is the box that displays your footage when you press play. Basic terms like these are critical to know if you are attempting video editing.

Video Effects

A video effect is one that alters the lighting, texture and colors of a clip. Without video effects, your video will be dull and uninteresting. Click on the video effects tab in Sony Vegas 6. You will see a side panel of different effects to choose from. Click one of the effects. Now you will see different versions of the effect that you pressed. Click and drag an effect version directly onto your video. You will see a separate window displaying multiple sliders you can utilize to tweak your effect.


Transitions are also an important video editing tool. A transition is an effect placed between two different video clips to change the look of the transition from the two clips. To add a transition to two clips in Sony Vegas 6, select the transitions tab. Like the video effects tab, you will see a list of effects to choose from. Click on a transition. Then click on a transition version and drag it in between the two clips you want to edit. Tweak the transition as you wish.

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