Software For A Panasonic Video Camera

Panasonic has been making digital camcorders since 1995, so in that time a lot of different software have been released and packaged with the camcorders. Most of this software is downloadable from Panasonic and is helpful, especially for newer cameras.

Required Software

All Panasonic camcorders come with a CD-ROM that includes two pieces of key software — “HD Writer AE” and “VideoCam Suite.” The version of the software will vary from camera to camera, but the newest software can always be downloaded for free from Panasonic. The programs are similar in function, with one key distinction.

VideoCam Suite

The Panasonic “VideoCam Suite” software is the core component of the Panasonic software package. It’s used to transfer video files from your camcorder to PC, for one, but is also key to editing your movies and transferring the filmed content to DVD or exporting it in video formats that can be shared online. You can also use the software to directly create DVDs, without first transferring the content to your computer.

HD Writer AE

The “HD Writer AE” software comes packaged with all Panasonic camcorders, even if they aren’t high-definition. Its core functions are similar to “VideoCam Suite,” with one key difference — “HD Writer AE” is designed for HD content. You can use it to import and create DVDs but also to export Blu-Ray discs and AVCHD formats. The software also has a direct YouTube upload component.

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