Skateboard Video Tips

Skateboarding Videos

Skateboarding is an extreme sport where the rider performs tricks by manipulating the skateboard in mid-air. One of the best selling products for this sport is the video, which has become a premiere tool for professional and amateur skaters alike. Amateur skaters create videos to gain sponsorships. Then, once a skateboarder becomes professional, they use videos to continue promoting.


A common practice when making a skateboard video is to have the cameraman following the skater closely on their own skateboard. This allows the cameraman to present a greater sense of movement, as if they were riding and performing the trick themselves. There are usually at least two cameras set up during the trick: One gives the full view shot of the trick, while the cameraman following on the skateboard gets the close-up view of the skater’s feet as the trick is being performed. This is so the final video can be edited to go back and forth between the full view and close-ups as the editor sees fit.

Vantage Points

In most cases, you, or the person you are filming, will be performing the same basic tricks that most professional skateboarders can land. The way to make your video stand out is to capture the tricks being done from angles not normally seen. Do not just stand and capture the action from a landscape-style shot. Stand on top of a halfpipe and catch the trick happen as the skater comes up and toward you. If the skater is jumping over or off something, set yourself up so -you- are the thing being jumped over — a view of the skateboarder flying overhead can add style to even the most mundane tricks.

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Editing is one of the most important aspects of making a skateboarding video. In addition to cutting between close-ups and full-view shots, special effects can add to the video and make the final product more professional and appealing. Any good editing software will allow the editor make certain shots black and white, add music, adjust the negative light, add animation or highlight certain objects, such as the skateboard or an obstacle the skater is using. However, too many special effects can make a video seem amateur, and they also can take away from the main attraction: the skateboarder.