Shoot Videos With The Canon 5d Mark Ii

The Canon 5D Mark II has the ability record both still digital images and video.

The Canon 5D Mark II was released by Canon in 2008. It comes with a full-frame 21.1-megapixel sensor. The camera also has the ability to record 1080 high-definition video and audio through its built-in microphone. External ports are available for a larger microphone as well as an external video screen to view what is being recorded.


1. Open the cameras battery compartment door in the bottom of the grip and install a fully charged battery. Open the memory compartment door in the grip of the camera and insert a empty Compact Flash card.

2. Turn on the camera, and press the menu button on the rear of the camera.

3. Press the multi-selector button on the rear of the camera above the command wheel to select the “Video Setup” menu.

4. Position the highlighted selector bar by moving the multi-selector button and select “Movie Recording” field.

5. Turn the rear command wheel and highlight “LV Func.” press the “Set” button in the middle of the command wheel to enable the option, then rotate the command wheel to “Stills + Movie” and press the “Set” button in the center of the wheel.

6. Adjust the resolution and frame rate by turning the command wheel and select “Movie Display.” Press the “Set” button, and then turn the dial to select the resolution and related frame rate you want. Press the “Set” button to lock in your selection.

7. Rotate the “Exposure Dial” on the top of the camera to either the green box for a fully automatic setting or the “Program” setting, which is indicated with the letter “P.”

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8. Press the “Live View” button on the rear of the camera to start the video screen to view what the camera will be shooting.

9. Focus the lens by rotating the focusing ring on the lens. Press the “Set” button to start recording. To stop recording, press the “Set” button again. When the camera is recording, there will be small green circle displayed on the LCD screen.