Share An Event On Facebook With Html

Facebook is one of the most used social networking sites, allowing users to create a list of friends, upload pictures and video and create and share events. Users can invite friends to these events through a pop-up window, but the service is limiting in that you must select each of the profiles individually. Fortunately, there’s a Javascript code that lets users select all friends at once when sharing the event. Additionally, several outside website services allow Facebook events to be shared with alternative HTML codes.



1. Open your Internet browser and log into your Facebook account.

2. Create an event that you wish to share with your target audience. Make sure everything is set up correctly before you send out the invites.

3. Click on the “+ Select Guests to Invite” button on the left side of the Facebook events page. A pop-up window with all of your friends appears, allowing you to select each one to invite. However, this process of individually selecting friends takes quite some time, especially if you have a large friends list. A Javascript is a type of HTML coding that allows the Web page to perform certain functions.

4. Scroll down on the bar of the invite friends window until all of the profiles have been shown. Copy and paste the following code into your address bar:

javascript:elms=document.getElementsByName(“checkableitems[]”);for (i=0;i

5. Select “Submit” at the bottom right of the invite window to finalize these invitations after the script highlights all of the target profiles to invite.


6. Open your Internet browser and navigate to Facebook. Log into your account and search for the particular event you are sharing.

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7. Click to open a second tab, then go to the target website for sharing your Facebook event. Websites such as Blogger, WordPress and Tumblr allow users to easily share event links with short HTML codes.

8. Navigate to the website’s post or HTML editing box where content is posted. Click on the button that hyperlinks a URL address. These codes typically allow users to enter custom text to be displayed instead of the link. WordPress and Blogger hyperlink HTML looks like “text.”

9. Click on “Preview” if the Web service allows. Make sure everything is adequately linked, then post the appropriate event with the HTML code to share this Facebook page.