Set Up The Launcher For Avidemux For Ubuntu

Avidemux lets you edit videos just like the professionals.

Avidemux is a free multi-platform video editing program. It came in second place for the best Linux video editing software in a poll conducted in March 2010. Avidemux has a simple installation in Ubuntu, only requiring the addition of a repository you may already have on your system. Once Avidemux is installed, creating a launcher is a quick and easy process in Ubuntu. The launcher will be accessible directly from the toolbar either on the top or bottom of your screen.


1. Navigate to the GetDeb website and download the getdeb package. Double-click the downloaded package to install the repository.

2. Click “Dash” and navigate through “More Apps” and “Accessories,” then click on “Terminal” to open the terminal in Ubuntu. Type “sudo apt-get install avidemux” into the terminal to automatically download and install Avidemux to your system.

3. Right-click an open area on your top or bottom toolbar and select “Add to Panel.” Click “Custom Application Launcher.” Type “Avidemux” in the box next to “Name.” Click “Browse” and search for “Avidemux” for the launcher command and select it. Add a program description in “Comment.” Choose an icon to represent Avidemux by clicking “No Icon.” Press “OK” when finished.

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