Set Up A Video Resume Service

A video resume is a video of a job candidate discussing his background, experience and achievements. Most often, the video is designed to give a potential employer an indication of how the candidate conducts himself in a professional situation. Because most people feel uncomfortable sitting in front of a camera, and do not know properly record and edit, a video resume service is an ideal business for an entrepreneur.


1. Choose a location that has a professional feel and facade. Your video resume service should be located in a professional office building to give clients the impression they are dealing with a professional.

2. Buy a video camera and peripheral equipment. You will need a mic boom, lights to offset shadows, a backdrop such as a bookcase, a monitor for clients to read scripts from, and a nice desk and chair as a setting for clients to be filmed in.

3. Purchase video editing software. You will need a professional-grade program suite to properly edit recorded images and sounds and to include text with a client’s contact information.

4. Establish your fee schedule. Visit the websites of other video resume businesses and look up some in the phone book. Find out what they charge and price your service competitively.

5. Establish a working relationship with barbers, beauticians and other cosmetology professionals as well as job placement firms. These businesses will help your clients obtain a professional look and find potential employers.

6. Market your video resume service. Advertise in local newspapers and on free listing sites such as Backpage and Craigslist. Visit job boards and post your services. Distribute fliers at local shopping malls, churches, grocery stores and job fairs.

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