Set Up A Contest On My Website

Seting up a contest on your website can result in increased traffic.

By setting up a contest on your website, you can increase traffic to your site. The hardest part of setting up a contest on your website has nothing to do with the website. The hardest part is actually deciding what prizes to offer, securing those prizes and drawing up the rules and regulations for your contest. Once you have this information together, it will only take a few moments for you to launch the contest online.


1. Log into the “Control Panel” of your website. Click on the “File Directory” or “Site Builder” option (exact wording will vary by web hosting provider).

2. Select the option to create a “New” web page. You will be able to enter a title for your new page. You can name the new web page “Contest.”

3. Enter text onto the contest page detailing all of the specifics about your contest. The text should include all of the contest details. For example, mention the age requirements and enter the contest (mail or email). Mention the entry fees and how many entries are allowed per individual or household. Include any questions that must be answered when submitting an entry. State the deadline for submitting contest entries. State how the winner of the contest will be chosen, and whether or not there will be second and third place prizes. State the prize that will be awarded to the winner as well as runners up.

4. Click the “Save” option to save your new contest page. Go back to the site’s “File Directory.” Click on the “index.html” page inside of the file directory. Select the “Edit” option. This will open the home page for editing.

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5. Place an advertisement about your contest on the home page of your website. By placing an advertisement on the main page, you can ensure that each visitor to your website is made aware of the contest. The advertisement should stand out from the rest of the text on your home page so that it grabs the reader’s attention. If you like, you can create a banner and place it on the homepage announcing the contest or you can create a logo with the name of the contest. You can create free banners and logos for your website through online resources such as My Banner Maker, Pure Silva Banner Maker, Cool Text, Logo Yes and Logo Ease (see Resources).

6. Click the “Save” option to save the changes to your homepage. Click “Publish” to publish the contest information for your website visitors to view.

7. Promote your contest by spreading the word online. You can spread the word by posting the name and link for your contest on message boards, online forums, chat rooms and blogs. Before posting your contests information on message boards and in chat rooms be sure to read the forum rules. If you post information that is not allowed it could get you banned from the message board/chat room.