Send Full Resolution Photos From An Iphone

If you’ve ever sent photos through email on your iPhone, you may have noticed that the resolution is rather small. The iPhone takes pictures at a pretty high resolution (1600×1200 on the original iPhone and 2048×1536 on the iPhone 3GS), and they are automatically compressed to 800×600 when you tap the little icon to email the photo. This is to reduce the file size and the time it will take to email the photo, but you definitely lose out on the detail of the original image. Here I will take you through the steps to send in full resolution by either copying one image at a time or multiple images.


Send One Photo at a Time

1. Turn on the iPhone.

2. Tap the “Photos” icon.

3. Select the album you want.

4. Scroll up or down until you find the image you want to send.

5. Tap the photo to view the image.

6. Tap & hold until you see the “Copy” bubble pop up.

7. Tap on the “Copy” bubble. It’ll turn blue and disappear.

8. Press the “Home” button and go to your mail.

9. Create a new message and select or type in the recipient’s email address.

10. Tap and hold in the message area for a couple of seconds. When you release you should see “Select, “Select All” and “Paste.”

11. Tap “Paste” and your photo should appear in the body of your email message. Send the email as usual.

Send Multiple Images

12. Open your “Photos” application.

13. Select the Album that has the photos you want to send.

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14. Tap the “Share” button at the bottom left of the screen (it looks like a rectangle with an arrow coming out the right side).

15. Tap on each photo you want to send. A red circle with a check-mark will show up on the ones you select.

16. Tap the “Copy” button on the bottom of the screen.

17.Go to your mail and create a new message. Select the recipient or enter in the email address.

18. Tap and hold inside the body area of your new message for a few seconds. The “Paste” option (along with “Select” and “Select All”) will show up when you release.

19. Tap “Paste” and your images should show up in the body of the message.

20. Hit the “Send” button and off they go. It will probably take a while if you’re sending lots of photos. Since you’re sending the uncompressed versions they will be rather large.