Save Youtube Video & Audio On Windows Xp

If you have found a video on YouTube that you like to watch over and over again you may wish that you could get it on your Windows XP computer. Fortunately there are free ways that you can do just that. You can save the video and audio of an YouTube file that you want to your Windows XP computer. You can even copy the files over to your iPod once you get them on your computer.


1. Pull up the video that you want to save to your computer on YouTube. Click into the URL box on the right-hand side of the YouTube screen. Copy the URL in the box by pressing “Ctrl+A” to select all of the text and then pressing “CTRL+C” to copy the text.

2. Go to the free website of your choice that offers the ability to download YouTube video and audio to your Windows XP computer. Some of these free download sites include,, and

3. Click into the URL box on the free download website and press “Ctrl+V” or right-click into the box and choose “Paste” from the menu that comes up to paste the YouTube URL into the box. Click on “Download” or “Nab.” The free online system downloads the video and audio from YouTube and provides links to save the media file to your computer.

4. Download the video and audio file from one of the provided links. Most online download programs offer an option of MP4 or FLV. If you plan to load the video and audio file onto an iPod or other portable media device, MP4 is the best option. Choose a folder where you would like to save the file on your Windows XP computer in the “Save” window that comes up and click the “Save” button. The YouTube video and audio file is saved to your computer’s hard drive.

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