Save Flash Videos In Os X

Save Flash Videos in OS X

Macromedia flash videos, or FLVs, are standard video formats for sites like YouTube and Google. Saving Flash videos in OS X is an easy process, as any flash video can be saved for offline use. Users may want to save flash videos from YouTube to convert for editing purposes or for putting on their cell phones. Saving flash media can be accomplished using your Mac’s web browser’s menu toolbar in either Safari or Firefox.



1. Open the web page with the movie you want to download.

Click “Window” and select “Activity.” This will bring up a whole menu of separate files for the entire web page.

2. Scroll down until you see a file with the file extension “.swf.” This should be one of the largest files in the menu, if not the largest.

Double-click the SWF file to start the download. Click “Apple-J” to bring up your recent downloads.

3. Right-click on the SWF download and select “Show In Finder.”

Add an “.flv” file extension to its name. It will now be saved to your computer.

Firefox Flash

4. Find the web page with the desired Flash video.

Click “Tools” and select “Page Info.” You can also hit “Apple-i” on your keyboard.

5. Click the “Media” tab at the top of the pop-up.

Locate and highlight the SWF file.

6. Click “Save As” to name your new file and select its output location.

Click “Save.”

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