Save An Indesign Cs4 File Back To Indesign Cs2

Easily convert your InDesign CS4 file to a CS2 one and have the freedom to open your project on another computer.

It’s quite common for a designer to work on more than one computer, switching between work, school and home, but sometimes this can cause big problems when trying to open InDesign files in different versions. It’s not difficult to open a file saved in a previous version in a new one, such as a CS3 file in CS5, but “down saving,” or attempting to open a file in an older version of InDesign can be downright frustrating. There are two ways to attempt to skip around InDesign versions, opening your file on whatever computer you choose.


Saving Via InDesign CS3

1. Click “File,” then “Save As” to open the dialog box.

2. Choose the interchange format so your extension is .INX.

3. Open the document in InDesign CS3.

4. Save the file in interchange format (.INX) in CS3.

5. Open the file in CS2, where you can now edit and save it in the previous version.

Changing the Code

6. Make a backup copy of the inDesign CS4 file you want to open in CS2, using the interchange file format with a .INX extension.

7. Open the copied file in a plain text editor (BBEdit for Mac users or Notepad for PC users).

8. Change the first line from:


9. Save the file as the copied version.

10. Open the file in CS2. The change in the code will essentially tell InDesign CS2 it is OK to open the file in this earlier version.

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